About the Centre


The QIMR Berghofer Centre for Immunotherapy and Vaccine Development (CIVD) is dedicated, through collaborative links between research and manufacturing laboratories at QIMR Berghofer and international institutions, to provide advanced training, to develop novel technology platforms to enhance the efficacy of existing vaccines and to formulate the next generation of vaccines primarily aimed towards infectious diseases and human malignancies.


CIVD aims to establish itself as an internationally reputed vaccine research centre which provides opportunities for its members to develop collaborative links with national and international academic institutions and the biotech industry and also provide a platform for young scientists to develop new techniques in the field of vaccine research.


  • Explore collaborative links between CIVD scientists and the biotech industry involved in vaccine development.
  • Provide mechanisms of establishing collaborative links between scientists at CIVD laboratories and international vaccine research centres.
  • Provide opportunities for clinical researchers for advanced training in vaccine research and clinical trials of vaccines developed by the CIVD scientists.
  • Provide opportunities for postgraduate students and young postdoctoral scientists to learn new vaccine-related technologies or to undertake field studies at leading research centres.
  • Establish an advanced education program focused on vaccine research.
  • Facilitate national and international research grant applications by CIVD scientists for vaccine research.
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